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“An impassioned McIntyre gets down and dirty in an insiders account of activist pranks … McIntyre has amassed hundreds of tales alongside dramatic photographs in what is unashamedly a songbook for Australia’s future culture-jammers and mischief makers.”
Katherine Wilson, The Age.

“An absolutely fantastic book with a sensational cover image…”
Alan Brough, ABC 774 Melbourne interview

“A great chunk of our social history.”
Louise Maher, ABC 666 Canberra Drive

“An exquisite production with beautifully reproduced posters and photos … a compilation of stories and images from various troublemakers and ratbags throughout Australian history. Even if you’re a person who doesn’t like history per se I think you’ll find this book hard to resist.”
Jeff Sparrow (Overland editor), RRR Melbourne,
Aural Text interview

“Fantastic, fun, entertaining and very enlightening…”
Lou Swinn, RRR website review

“Fascinating interviews with Australia’s best troublemakers, including John Safran and The Chasers, and pics galore, make for a riotous scrapbook covering our radical history of revolts and resistance.”
Rachel Power, AEU (Australian Education Union) News AEU News summer reading article

“The perfect book for enlightened coffee tables.”
Rachel Evans, Green Left Weekly

“If you’ve ever thought of speaking out about an issue or have idly wondered what you could do to make the world a better place, this is the book for you! Fascinating interviews, quirky historical snippets and stunning photos chronicling all the Australians who have made a differenceand who have done so with courage, audacity and a lot of humour! Keep it on your desk at work for all those moments when you need some inspiration, a bit of hope or just a good laugh.”
Jill Sparrow, Co-author Radical Melbourne 1 & 2

“A fascinating recovery of Australia’s neglected past and a worthy inspiration to today’s would-be troublemakers.”
Sean Scalmer, Author of The Little History of Australian Unionism and Dissent Events: Protest,
The Media and the Political Gimmick in Australia)