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How to Make Trouble and Influence People’ in LIBRARIES! We’re trying to get the book in as many local libraries as possible before we sell out. Please ask your local community, school or university library if they can order the book for their shelves. Then you can go in and read it whenever you…

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You can order directly from our website and have the book shipped straight to your door. All profits from the sale of this book will be put towards future Breakdown Press projects, so thankyou for your support. Postage is a flat rate of $6 and we’ll throw in some stickers, a newspaper poster series…

Pranks, Hoaxes, Graffiti and Political Mischief-Making from across Australia – SYDNEY!

Book launch THURSDAY the 3rd December 2009 –  upstairs at the Berkelouw Cafe and Bookshop Newtown, 6-8 O’Connell St, Newtown, 6pm-8pm. Entry is free and speakers include the book’s author Iain McIntyre as well as Dr Meredith Burgmann, Mother Inferior (Order of Perpetual Indulgence) and Simon Hunt (Pauline Pantsdown). Launch party SATURDAY the 5th December…

Only dead fish go with the flow – INTRODUCING How to Make Trouble and Influence People

Welcome to the collected and expanded edition of How To Make Trouble and Influence People. For over a decade this series of books and pamphlets has focused on how generations of Australian troublemakers have moved beyond political inertia to push the boundaries of “acceptable” protest. As a result, the publications have not only included…

Forthcoming book from Breakdown Press.

Featuring Stories and images collected together from Australia’s radical past. A rich collection of often unheard events and people from across the land. 14 INTERVIEWS: The Chaser, Buga-Up, Kevin Buzzacott, John Safran, Pauline Pantsdown, Dave Burgess, Meredith Burgmann, Deborah Kelly, Order of Perpetual Indulgence, Stuart Highway, John Howard Ladies’ Auxiliary Fan Club, No To…

THE CHASER interview

Just a taster: “The APEC stunt was one of those days when you just get lucky. The odds of getting into the official APEC restricted zones were extremely slim, but we were all determined to give it a crack. The massive security measures had been a big news story, as well as a major…

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Available at these good bookshops If you would like to sell copies of the book through your bookstore, community organisation or distro email us at [email protected] VICTORIA: STICKY, Degraves St Subway under Flinders St, Melbourne THE BRUNSWICK STREET BOOKSTORE, 305 Brunswick St, Fitzroy BRUNSWICK BOUND, 361 Sydney Rd, Brunswick AVENUE BOOKSTORE, 127 Dundas Place,…

Over 300 Photos + Patches + Badges + Flyers

This collection reveals Australia’s radical past through tales of Indigenous resistance, convict revolts and escapes, picket line hi-jinks, student occupations, creative direct action, media pranks, urban interventions, squatting, blockades, banner drops, street theatre and billboard liberation; including stories and anecdotes, interviews with pranksters and troublemakers, and over 300 spectacular photos documenting the vital history…

Continuing the Series…

Have you heard of the original books, they were published in 96, 98 and 2003? You’ve probably got a copy stashed in your toilet library. The book will be a compilation of interviews and historical listings of left wing political satire, pranks, hoaxes and direct action from Australia alongside photos of graffiti, billboard revisions,…

BUGA-UP interview

Formed in 1979, Billboard Utilising Graffitists Against Unhealthy Promotions (BUGA-UP) rapidly made its mark on hoardings around the nation. By cleverly revising advertising slogans and disrupting tobacco-sponsored events, the group revealed the true cost of tobacco and alcohol company deception. Having racked up numerous fines and arrests over its 16-year existence BUGA-UP formally wound…

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“An impassioned McIntyre gets down and dirty in an insiders account of activist pranks … McIntyre has amassed hundreds of tales alongside dramatic photographs in what is unashamedly a songbook for Australia’s future culture-jammers and mischief makers.”
Katherine Wilson, The Age.

“An absolutely fantastic book with a sensational cover image…”
Alan Brough, ABC 774 Melbourne interview

“A great chunk of our social history.”
Louise Maher, ABC 666 Canberra Drive

“An exquisite production with beautifully reproduced posters and photos … a compilation of stories and images from various troublemakers and ratbags throughout Australian history. Even if you’re a person who doesn’t like history per se I think you’ll find this book hard to resist.”
Jeff Sparrow (Overland editor), RRR Melbourne,
Aural Text interview

“Fantastic, fun, entertaining and very enlightening…”
Lou Swinn, RRR website review

“Fascinating interviews with Australia’s best troublemakers, including John Safran and The Chasers, and pics galore, make for a riotous scrapbook covering our radical history of revolts and resistance.”
Rachel Power, AEU (Australian Education Union) News AEU News summer reading article

“The perfect book for enlightened coffee tables.”
Rachel Evans, Green Left Weekly

“If you’ve ever thought of speaking out about an issue or have idly wondered what you could do to make the world a better place, this is the book for you! Fascinating interviews, quirky historical snippets and stunning photos chronicling all the Australians who have made a differenceand who have done so with courage, audacity and a lot of humour! Keep it on your desk at work for all those moments when you need some inspiration, a bit of hope or just a good laugh.”
Jill Sparrow, Co-author Radical Melbourne 1 & 2

“A fascinating recovery of Australia’s neglected past and a worthy inspiration to today’s would-be troublemakers.”
Sean Scalmer, Author of The Little History of Australian Unionism and Dissent Events: Protest,
The Media and the Political Gimmick in Australia)