Continuing the Series…

OriginalZinesHave you heard of the original books, they were published in 96, 98 and 2003? You’ve probably got a copy stashed in your toilet library. The book will be a compilation of interviews and historical listings of left wing political satire, pranks, hoaxes and direct action from Australia alongside photos of graffiti, billboard revisions, creative protests and reprints of posters, flyers and stickers.

We’d love to here people’s reflections on the original zines!

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2 thoughts on “Continuing the Series…”

  1. The original lives in my toilet. Brilliant book. I heard there was a sequel, now I know there are two. My life’s purpose renewed i search for the elusive sequels….

    I hope to be included in a future edition. 😉

  2. I had the first two. I brought them at a Metal Paraphernalia shop in a lane behind a McDonalds. At first glance it was just funny, prank and jokes but after reflection it was an anthropological document… from a time without Memes and Viral Marketing.

    To the creators, thanks for the inspiration at an impressionable age and thank you to the unsung heroes who bravely pushed forward… whether it was right or wrong… or just damn funny

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