Second Edition to be Published in 2013!


How to Make Trouble and Influence People Second Edition to be co-published in 2013 with radical US publishers PM PRESS!

You can find our more about PM Press and their amazing collection of titles they publish at: WWW.PMPRESS.ORG

The second edition will be 30 pages longer than the 2009 first edition. It will be in chronological order and include introductions to each political era from 1788 until 2012. And new material! All pretty exciting.

A note to contributors, particularly photographers, there will be some changes to the book for this second edition, including the inside being printed entirely in black and white. As we are re-publishing the book we hope it ok to once again include your wonderful photographs within this new edition. Any questions about the second edition please email: [email protected]

In solidarity, Breakdown Press

Above: Australia Day Real Estate Billboard alteration. Newcastle, 2008. Courtesy of Cooks Hill Massive.